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Campus Icon : Sanath Devasy

27 Mar 2017

The Campus Icon of the month is Sanath Devasy, who is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Mar Augusthinose College, Ramapuram and a person with strong aspiration to films. His new venture, the short film named "A WAKE UP CALL" is his latest work and "SEANCE: is his upcoming project. 

Sandra: What is ‘A Wake Up Call’ to the society?

Sanath: ‘A Wake Up Call’ is my message to wake up all the citizens from the evil stricken social media society. This short film discusses a true event that happened where the life of people are being haunted by various stratas and strategies coincidentally. This is not an isolated case and an isolated victim of a social media tragedy. So, my intention was to wake the society from being blind.

Sandra: Why ‘A Wake Up Call’?

Sanath: A Wake-Up Call is actually based on a true event. All of us do remember the incident of Jisha Murder Case, which happened few months ago. In the same case, police released pencil sketch of the suspect that went viral on the social medias. A person with similar face as that of the sketch had to go through a severe face of harassment by the public through social medias, which made him to pass through a mental trauma. So in order to create awareness on different aspects of harassment, a person undergoes unknowingly, was the tread that leads me to write the story.

Sandra: What made your team? Friendship, Aspiration to cinema or is that a team with difference?

Sanath: A sweet friendship refreshes the soul. Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a group of people. Our team is also not much different, it is a union of a group of friends with inspirations, ideas and aspirations. ‘A Wake up Call’ was a result of our combined efforts and hardwork. The great think about friendship is that it bring new energy to you.  This story was first discussed with my creative head – Devadath Shaji, who actually encouraged and guided me to walk forward. Initially, my plan was to shoot with a mobile camera but it was my camera man Jobil Cherian, who suggested that this is a subject which needs to be shot with a DSLR. As help makes dream come true, it was the combined efforts of our crew members which reflected in this short film. Adarsh, the main actor, even thou acted in a couple of short films was very co-operative and supportive to our new team. This success is a fruit of our teamwork and our dream & passion towards cinema which helped to overcome the bitterness of many failures. Success is not hard and failure is not fatal, but it is the courage to continue which counts.

Sandra: What is your core motivation for such a venture and formation of this movie…?

Sanath: In this contemporary world, most people are literally on social media. It has become an integral part of our life. Social media has a great influence on our society. It has an enduring impact, which moves you towards it and which is difficult to remove from our system. As every invention has negative and positive effects, social media too has its own merits and demerits. Social media is a double-sided coin. Many use without knowing its impacts. It was the ‘ Jisha Murder Case’ which caught my imagination and led me to the central theme of the story. I planned my story by beautifully intervining this social issue with the impact of social media. In this journey, I can never forget my family, friends and all others who had supported me and helped to make my dream a reality.  

Sandra: How do you foresee yourself as a person and as a director/Actor/writer.?

Sanath: A dream is a hope for living and optimism is the faith which leads to its achievement. My dream to cinema started since the school days. Eventhough, there were many failures and rejections, it was my passion and enthusiasm which guided me forward in this path. Many friends from inside and outside film industry motivated and inspired me. According to me, as a director and actor, Hardwork never fails. It brings in success and there is no gain without pain. Success is not just a destination, it is a journey, there might be many handles on the way but you should continue to travel to chase your dreams. Story writing is my hobby and I wish to take many more shortfilms and albums discussing socially relevant issues. As many people helped me, I too wish to help and inspire people who are interested in films and film making. Believe in yourself, have faith in your ability and maintain a reasonable and humble level of confidence, One day you will definitely reach your goal…

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