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Aug 21

NEVER praise your child’s smartness

Yes , I know it’s difficult  to do but it is critical that you do it 
Why ?
Because psychologists have proved the single greatest factor responsible for success in life is willpower . ( Suspend your thoughts about luck for sometime ) & this comes straight from the godfather of willpower - eminent psychologist Roy Baumeister 
Hold on ! Isn’t intelligence important ?
Yes it is . But it is at # 2 !
What happens if you praise your child’s smartness ?
He presumes that smartness is all it takes to succeed & it doesn’t . Here ’s an anecdotal one which makes this easier to grasp . Think back to your school & college days & think of the smartest guys ( OK smart in terms of logic , analysis & maths ) Chances are very high that they are not the most successful people ( i.e. not the best , richest etc let’s - just be die hard capitalists for some time ) Because these guys slacked off thinking their smartness would smoothly move the to the Forbes Billionaire list & it didn’t 
What should you praise instead ?

Dharmendra Rai

Mind Map Trainer

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