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Sep 08

Positive Work Attitude : Enjoy life and work and Enjoy work and life !

‘The higher the pay in enjoyment the worker gets out of his job, the higher shall be his pay in money also’ – Mark Twain.

One of the main sources of stress in life is with regard to one’s relationship with his career. If you enjoy your work, yours will most probably be a happy life.

One spends at least one third of his time in his job. In case the career you have chosen does not match with your natural aptitude, you will feel miserable in your occupation. On the other hand, if one likes a job, actively producing tangible results that are beneficial to society and himself, then he will derive great pleasure in what he does. If you do not enjoy your occupation, you will undergo a stressful situation in every walk of your life. Your life is nothing but you own occupation.

Given below is a list of the marks of the right attitude that will help you enjoy your work. These are the characteristic of some of the most successful men.

1.     Be enthusiastic about your job.

Your emotions can control your health and your success. It is a proven medical fact that there is no better way to produce healthy emotions than by getting enthusiastic about your work.


 ‘Your attitude toward your work, more than any other single factor, controls your peace of mind and soul.’ (Dr. John A. Schindler in How to Live 365 Days a Year)


2.     Develop a passion for work.

The smiling face of a salesgirl in a departmental store caught my attention one day. She shined like a diamond in a pile of black beads. The reason was her work attitude. There was a waiting line beside her counter, while other sales people were standing idle. I waited too, and I was happy that I did. She had a passion for her job. Her gestures, tone of voice and the look on her face told me, she loved her work. As she performed her work, the most important thing on her mind was how she could help me, not how she could help herself get out of work.  A lady who was in the line behind me commented, ‘I often wait in line as long as half an hour just for the pleasure of being waited on by this lady’.


3.     When you make a mistake, admit it freely.

We can trust a man who admits his mistake, especially when we know that he could easily have covered it up. To enjoy work, your conscience must live with it, and if you try to cover up your tracks, your conscience will never co-operate. Confession is indeed not only good for the soul-it is also a very good means of getting more pleasure out of your work.


4.     Don’t Pretend

A person who lives a life of pretence shows it all over the other fellow’s face. You can’t hide your disguises from other people because it is characteristic of human instinct to sense when a person is pretending. The world has a way of always exposing the great ‘Pretenders’. Avoid pretence when it comes to doing your work, and you will plug one of the most common holes through which work enjoyment leaks away from you.


5.     Handling CompetitionThe best way to handle competition is to understand the rights of those you must compete with and respect them; cultivate their good will, but do the job better yourself – ever better. At all cost, avoid unethical business practises. Never try to outdo your competitor by trying to out -produce or undersell him at the expense of quality.


6.     Give more than what you take.  If you adopt the policy of giving more than what you take, there won’t be much competition on your way. Do the job better than it need to be done. Do it better than anyone else can do it.

7.     Work is a challenge. The enjoyment of work depends upon the manner in which the individual accepts its challenge. When a man embarks on a task with high heart and the will to win, he is almost certain to enjoy his endeavours. Work is a challenge. The attitude with which one accepts that challenge, in large part, determines the measure of one’s enjoyment.


8.     “Chop your own wood- it warms you twice.” – Henry Ford I.

One surprising fact is that our general restlessness and nervous tensions have increased in direct proportion to the increase of our leisure time. Many people are bored because they don’t have to do physical work. Don’t undervalue physical effort in your drive to get enjoyment from your work.


9.     Show obedience and unwavering loyalty to your superiors. Each time a man receives a big promotion that advances him to a position of greater authority, the first thing he does is review the men upon whom he must rely.


10.                        Try to excel in what you do. The secret of getting real joy and satisfaction out of one’s work lies in developing a passion for excellence for its own sake.


11.                        A victorious attitude towards life, born out of the confidence of knowing yourself and what you want to do, can subdue those disturbing inner conflicts and feelings of inferiority that are felt at some time or another by everybody.


12.                         Humility. The mistake of pride has of course toppled empires and individuals more frequently than any other mistake since civilization began.


13.                         The ability to get along with people is invaluable to you when it comes to getting enjoyment out of the work.


14.                        Enjoy working for people. Your boss hired you because he needs your help, and needs it badly enough that he or the company he represents will pay for your services. He values you in proportion to how useful you make yourself to him.  Perhaps the most pleasing sound in your boss’s ear is the sound of you admitting that he is right. But he will like you all the more if you can point out how he is going wrong in such a tactful way that he sees it himself. His idea of coming to the end of a perfect day is to return home exhausted, but refreshed by the fact that all who work for him went home dead tired too.


15.                        Adapt yourself to circumstances, but don’t lose character and purpose.


16.                        Be frank, but not blunt.


17.                        Be courageous, but not defiant.


18.                        Work hard, but consistently, and not in spots.


19.                        Specialize and master at least one thing, but don’t narrow yourself and lose perspective.


20.                        Cultivate the power of expression in writing and speaking, but don’t be verbose.


21.                        Have faith in mankind, and self-confidence, but do not be gullible or conceited.


22.                        Be democratic with your business and personal associates, but not to the point of breeding contempt or disrespect.


23.                        Visualize and plan ahead, but not so far ahead as to overlook the immediate future.


“The surest way to make your work enjoyable is to consider your job as an opportunity to serve others.” – O.A. BATTISTA

Boby Jose

Soft Skills Trainer

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