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Sep 15

Inspiration in a Train !

With due respect to all motivational trainers/ speakers, let me put this straight : internal motivation is the best and all what an external motivator could do is to trigger internal motivation. And to trigger internal motivation, there is no magic formula. Sometimes an inspiring story helps, sometimes an incident or sometimes an emotional situation. Most often, i find that real examples of inspiration helps rather than narration by a third party. 

 And it also depends on the age and stage of the audience. However, without understanding the nature and requirement of the audience many times, some of the motivational trainers or speakers go to the extent of self mockery by narrating forward stories in whatsapp !
For me, I have reached a stage of my life where a person who has done something incredible beyond his/her limitations only can create a surge of heartbeat and conviction to do something beyond what I am doing now!
For eg: I met a 60 plus man in my recent train journey who sold organic seed packets. He started his sales by giving a short speech on the bad effects of pesticides, cancer causing vegetables and finally how anyone can make a small garden at his home and take care of his health . Most of the seeds got sold. After sometime he sat near to my seat. I asked him "Sir, do you sell seeds everyday in train?" 
He laughed and said," No, I don't have time for that. I have a farm to take care. I have other business as well. " His appearance was shabby but his words were eloquent. He continued, "I come to train once in a month to sell this for two reasons : 1. I can talk to a captured audience about the ill effects of pesticides.2. My seeds get distributed to various parts of Kerala since people who buy travel to various places.
I became more curious and we further spoke for sometime. Everything he spoke made me feel smaller and smaller. As he left the train in the next station, he instilled a tonne of motivation in me to do more than what I am doing now! ( Sorry, I couldnt click a pic. I forgot even looking into my phone for the 15-20minutes he was talking )
Inspiration exists around. Just that we need to have the eyes to see it 

Chandra Vadhana R.

Career Coach | Soft Skills Trainer | Entrepreneurship Trainer

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