The Conference

Two fun filled days of trainer talks, panel discussions, workshops, speaker sessions, excellence awards, expo pavilion and connecting with peers.

Trainers 4 Tomorrow is a unique conclave for Trainers, Mentors, Educators and Consultants.The two day event is envisaged to be a platform for transforming and bringing best practices in the field of Training and development by providing avenues for knowledge sharing, networking and providing opportunities for Trainer-public interactions.

With India expected to be the 3rd largest economy after China and the United States in 2030, economic activity shift to South Asian Markets and a vibrant young population ready to take the global workforce; the relevance to collimate education, training & skilling practices, ensuring quality and standardization as the guiding norm to cruise in lines with the government’s great vision of transforming India into a global human resource hub, can not be ingnored. We also have Coding contest and excellence awards. The adjoining exhibition pavilion shall showcase innovative tools and gadgets enhancing training, learning; company kiosks, which correspond to the theme of Training, E-learning and Education Technology.

Theme for the 2017 Edition: The summit has embraced ''Transformation through Training: Envisioning the future'' as its main theme. With the young Indian Population expected to transform India to a global HR hub by 2030, the organizers stand in unison with the government initiatives to achieve in a time bound fashion the humongous task of imparting skills and training to the masses.

The study and ethical practice of facilitated learning and improving performance by creating, using and managing appropriate technological processes and resources to deliver optimum results take the center stage. Sub themes include, alternative learning & training styles, pedagogical advancements, future of training with technology, corporate Learning & Development and life skills.